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Financing My Transnational Launch… With An Ongoing Rummage Sale

July 15, 2012

NOTE: July 23: These ads are down.  Some stuff I sold, some I will be taking with me to sell in Houston.  I'm too busy to deal with Craigslist at the moment.


This post will be something less than literary.  In advance of moving overseas, I’m selling almost everything I own and, since Craigslist doesn’t offer a seller’s page, I need a single source to which I can point, wherein the remnants of my life in the USA are agglomerated.  Or is it agglutinated?  Where’s Jeeves when I need him?  He could clarify this matter before you could sneeze.

Well, whatever.  I’ll modify this post as I go and probably delete it when I’m done because, you know, boringness and stuff.

Next to my motorcycle. this is what I hate to sell the most, my beloved Slingerland drums.  But they ain’t gonna fit in carry-on.

There will be more soon.  I have a lot of miscellaneous recording gear to sell, but I can’t list some of it until I’m done with a couple of mixing projects.

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