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A Short Hop To Wodzisław and Rybnik

February 25, 2013

At the invitation of my friend Ewa, I took the train to Wodzisław Śląski last weekend.  It’s about 30 km from Żory.  The train costs 6 złoty.

The Żory train station.

How inviting looks this transportation service!

Waiting alone on the platform.

An almost abandoned train to another city for the equivalent of $1.90

The train is my favorite place to read.

Ewa met me at the train station. We walked to her flat, where she had made some fantastic vegan pierogies.  We went out for coffee later.  I saw most of the town, which is pretty small and not what you’d call hopping with street life.  I didn’t take pictures because I was talking with Ewa.

Later we went ice-skating in Rybnik. Well, the girls went ice-skating; I knew better than to try. I went to the roller rink a few years ago in Texas and found that I have the balance and poise of a landlubber in his first heavy seas. And at my age, falling down hurts. So I took pictures.

Ewa can really skate!

Liwia, who organized the skating trip, was a hardier soul than I. She got out there and skated, even though she isn’t exactly a gazelle on the ice herself. I respect that spirit.

I really admired Liwia for getting out there and doing it.

We all went to a cafe afterwards to chat. I then met up with Widdop for a proper Polish Saturday evening, expat English teacher style, which to be done properly must feature repeated tankard hoistage, obscure running jokes, and meditations on the strangeness of the profession.

This is a typical photographic remnant of one of my bacchanalian romps with Widdop.

Widdop tames the beast within.

I crashed on Widdop’s couch, rousing my cotton-mouthed near-corpse the next day to walk across town and see if I could find a bus home. Strangely, against all the known laws of nature, I felt quite sprightly. I got some vegan sushi in the food court at the mall.

Sunday morning. Spring is coming to Poland.

Scenic Rybnik.

It wasn’t the most exotic outing of my Polish adventure so far, but I had a great time. Poland is still magical to me. I just look around me, anywhere I am, and notice things that are… a little strange. I could take 1000 photographs a day.


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  1. February 26, 2013 4:09 am

    I think that XXXXX should XXXX in the XXXX.

  2. February 26, 2013 2:24 pm

    Spring is coming to Poland
    The ice will turn to slush
    It’s now warm enough to keep shoes dry
    When peeing in a bush

    I wrote that.

    I wonder why all of my comments here involve public urination. This sounds like a job for somebody with qualifications…

    I still can’t see those types of trains without imagining that a stout Belgian detective is sitting in one of the compartments questioning a nun about a mysterious disappearance.

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